Delaware is for lovers – Horseshoe Crab style

horseshoe crabs coming to shore to spawn

horseshoe crabs coming to shore to spawn

This is the time of year when the weather gets nice and love is in the air in Delaware. At least for the horseshoe crabs.

From now until about the middle of June the Delaware bay area beaches will be covered with horseshoe crabs as they come to spawn as they have done for thousands of years.

Delaware bay area beaches have more horseshoe crabs by far then any other place on the east coast. The horseshoe crabs love Delaware’s quiet protected beaches to lay their eggs by the millions.

This is also the time of year that the horseshoe crab sensus will be taken of the horseshoe crabs to try to get an estimate of the current population of horseshoe crabs and whether conservation efforts over the last decade is helping these ancient creatures to maintain a healthy population.

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