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If you are considering setting up your own marine aquarium, whether it’s to keep your own horseshoe crabs or any other marine life there are a few things you should know.

First most of what you know about fresh water (tropical fish) setups does not apply to marine (saltwater) set ups.

While marine aquariums are not that difficult to set up and maintain, it is different than your typical tropical fish tank. You must pay attention to few more things such as salinity (specific gravity) of the water and tolerances for water temperature , ph etc. are a little more critical.

I’m not trying to scare you away for keeping horseshoe crabs or any other form of marine life, I just want you to be aware that there are a few things to know.

While at this time, I’m not prepared to get into details about all the things you will need to keep marine life on this website, I have come across a couple of books that will give you the information you need to keep your marine pets healthy and alive.