Horseshoe Crabs and Shore Birds Everywhere

It’s getting that time of year. The next couple weeks is when the horseshoe crabs come to the beaches in Delaware area to spawn and the shore birds gather in huge numbers to get their fill of horseshoe crab eggs before continuing on their annual migration journey.

If you’ve never seen this, this is something that you should experience.

Also the Horseshoe Crab/Shorebird Festival starts this Friday and runs through Sunday  on the Broadkill River at the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge  in Milton, Delaware. You can enjoy barbecue, tours of the refuge and entertainment while learning about the shore bird and horseshoe crab connection. If you want to come join the festivities you can get times and more information by visiting

One of the events of the season is the annual horseshoe crab sensus that will be conducted from Maine to Florida by numorous organizations. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the restrictions that many of the states have placed on horseshoe crab harvesting has helped the horseshoe crab population to rebound from it’s population dip in the last couple of decades.

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