Horseshoe Crabs and the battle to save them

This is a story that makes me mad and yet fills me with hope.

The Johor Straits Singapore is one of the homes of the Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda species of horseshoe crabs that inhabits that part of the world.

Carcinoscorpius Rotundicauda are horseshoe crabs that can be found in the indo/west pacific waters and are getting dangerously close to extinction.

The part that makes me mad is that fishermen are using mono-filament nets on these shores and are leaving them unmanned.  The horseshoe crabs and other wildlife get caught in the nets and when the tide goes out are stranded on land where the heat quickly kills them.

The part that gives me hope is that this article tells how one person spent over 5 hours fighting time and the heat of the day cutting the nets away and releasing the horseshoe crabs so that they could get back into the water in order to survive.

I commend this individual and my only hope is that more people take an active role in helping wild life and that there be enacted laws to prevent fishermen from abandoning their nets and leaving the fish and animals entrapped in them to die because of their neglect.

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