Hunting for Horseshoe Crab Shells

I was out hunting for more horseshoe crab shells last weekend. I went down to Eddi Creek which leads into Mosquito Lagoon just a couple of miles from my home.This area is part of Merrit Island animal reserve, which surrounds the Kennedy Space Center. (where they launch the shuttle from)

With the storm just off the coast though, we’ve been getting pounded with high winds and rain the last week, so the lagoon water was really high so I didn’t have a lot of luck getting the shells. I did get one (I usually pick up about a hundred or so per trip) … but mostly I got wet. With the water being so high I was doing a lot of wading.

It is always an adventure though. Just take a look at this guy that was watching me the whole time. He made me a little nervous, he just kept following me around.

Nine foot Florida aligator

Nine foot Florida aligator

This is a Florida Alligator – I’d estimate he was about 9 feet long

I was really hoping to get more shells, I have a man from Australia that want’s to buy a 100 of them, better luck next time I guess.

I’ll try again this weekend. It’s supposed to be really nice. Wish me luck.

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