Where to buy a live horseshoe crab

I get a lot of inquires about where to buy live horseshoe crabs for their aquarium. I don’t sell live horseshoe crabs and as I mentioned in a previous post I was going to look for a place online that you can get them.
I checked out quite a few places and I think I’ve narrowed in down to one. I will keep my eye out for others, but for now this vendor is the one I would use to buy horseshoe crabs from.

ThatFishPlace.com: Your source for aquarium supplies and fish up to 60% off retail

Yeah I know, original name. But they do offer horseshoe crabs for sale and all the necessary equipment that you will need to keep them if you don’t already have a salt water aquarium.

One thing to keep in mind with horseshoe crabs is that they like some sand on the bottom to burrow in. They are great for salt water tanks because they agitate the bottom making it easier for your filter to work more efficiently.

They are not aggressive towards fish so they make a good addition to any salt water tank providing you have enough room to house them.

I’m putting the link to their site below. I hope this helps.

Discount Aquarium Supplies at ThatFishPlace.com

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